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Arcade Games For Sale

The Game Room Super Store offers one of the largest selections of real arcade games and pinball machines in South Florida. When you need games for your home game room, man cave, a special occasion or to generate revenue on a business location.

Brand new and reconditioned games. 1980’s Classics including Ms Pac Man, Galaga, Centipede, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders and more recent titles like Arcade Legends, Police Trainer, Golden Tee Golf, Fix it Felix Jr. and The Fast & The Furious.

Nationwide Delivery is available for most of our games.

With over 20 years in the arcade game industry, our knowledge is rivaled by few others.

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AC/DC Pinball
AC/DC Pinball

Stern Pinball, Inc.is proud to present AC/DC Premium Pinball, one if its finest games ever. Enjoy playing pinball along with game-feature themes and music from AC/DC, one of the most popular bands in the history of music. Brothers Angus and Malcolm Young formed the band in Australia in 1973. Since then, AC/DC has toured worldwide virtually non-stop and sold more than 200 million albums, including 70 million albums in the US.

Their iconic album, Back in Black, is the second highest selling album in history. The band's recent worldwide Black Ice tour was the highest grossing tour in 2010. This highly anticipated AC/DC pinball game

Galaxy III Electronic Dart Machine -  Arachnid G3
Galaxy III Electronic Dart Machine - Arachnid G3
Contact us for price!

The latest dartboard from Arachnid, the Galaxy 3 Live, features Dual "Flip" Dartboards, LED Lighting, Online Play Capabilities and International Player Rankings, as well as Arachnid’s "League Leader" Paperless League Software. All the features you liked about the Galaxy 2 have been carried over to the new Galaxy 3 + all the new features.The Galaxy III comes with both the traditional 15” Dart-head and the new European-sized 13” Darthead, both of which are mounted on a rotating back board - Just Flip & Switch.
Also new is the LED Illuminated Dart Target and Marquee - Strips of LED Lights line the side of the cabinet giving the player a well-lit darthead to throw at. These same LED’s can be configured to display patterns of color to attract players to the game.
The new Galaxy 3 is also capable of playing across the internet and across the world - This means players or teams in your own bar or other location can play against other players or teams across town, or across the globe ! The Galaxy 3 can also be supplied with (2) Optional Cameras located on the top of the cabinet, one of which is angled towards the dart face, so that the other player can see every dart hit, and the other camera being pointed toward the player.
Break Shot Pinball
Break Shot Pinball


This 1996 game is designed in the older electromechanical style, with no ramps and a one-level playfield. It has a dot matrix display that shows the scores as score reel numbers, and digital sound that simulates EM chimes.
Striker Xtreme Pinball Machine
Striker Xtreme Pinball Machine

Call for pricing.

It's the International Soccer Championship and your country is in contention for the cup. You're the team's most valuable striker and you've been given one simple job: SCORE GOALS!

Sixteen teams have qualified for the tournament and you will need to defeat each one of them in order to celebrate victory. France, U.S.A., Spain, Australia, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Holland, England, Brazil, Switzerland, Finland, Italy, Canada, Mexico, and Japan are all in contention, with each team becoming increasingly difficult to beat as you advance through the tournament. So use your three flippers and the corner kickback to score goals as the commentator calls out the play-by-play in one of five languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish or German.

As team striker, there are several shots that you're being counted on to make: corner kicks, free kicks, throw-in shots, penalty kicks, and shootouts. But the opponent's goalie, with his belly-mounted target, will be there to stop you with each attempt. So as the competition grows more intense, so do your scoring chances in the Xtreme rounds and in both Stadium and Celebration Multi-Ball modes. Good luck striker...the team is counting on you!

Adams Family Pinball
Adams Family Pinball

Manufactured by Bally Pinball. It was based on the 1991 movie of the same name, and features custom speech mostly drawn from the movie.

The Adams Family Pinball is hailed by most all pinball enthusiasts as the best pinball machine ever designed. The game objective is being to “Explore the strange world of the Addams Family.” With that in mind there is no single player goal, though there are two central objectives: The Mansion: The Adams Family pinball mansion is located in the center of the play-field and has 12 “windows”. Each window corresponds to a different room that the player can enter and receive an award for.

Contact us for pricing.
Deluxe Bulls-Eye Ball Table
Deluxe Bulls-Eye Ball Table
Price: $799.00


  • Sturdy 8.5' Table for arcade fun!
  • Includes 6 heavy-weight balls (65mm)
  • Electronic scoring
  • Realistic target board
  • Metal ball cage
  • 2-player hidden electronic scorer
Dimensions: 104"L x 29.75"W x 59.75"H
Top Gun Challenge Dart Board Machine
Top Gun Challenge Dart Board Machine
Price: $999.00

Play a game of darts without having to keep score. The darts have plastic tips for safety.
Super Flite Pinball
Super Flite Pinball
Price: $1,295.00

Super-Flite is a pinball machine from October 1974, manufactured by Williams Electronic Games, Inc.
JVL Retro Countertop Touchscreen Arcade Game
JVL Retro Countertop Touchscreen Arcade Game
Price: $1,499.99

This machine is used! Please contact us with any question.

Classically inspired, with a modern technological twist, the Retro boasts a 17 " LCD monitor and multicolor perimeter lighting. "From the fine detailing of the wood grain, to the etching on the chrome work, no corners were cut to echo great designers of the past," says Peter Guterres, CEO at JVL. He adds, "It's like stepping into the luxury of a brand new Lexus or Mercedes. The JVL team had a vision of a timeless masterpiece, a countertop like no other in the industry."
Incorporating JVLís proven Flash technology and advanced Power Pad; the Retro is engineered and crafted with absolute perfection. Notable features include:
  • Choreography of lights further enhances game play experience
  • 32 multi-color LED operator adjustable lights to form any color of the rainbow
  • Super-Bright 17î LCD monitor with an extra-wide viewing angle
  • Quick Release feature allows for simple monitor and touch screen access, no tools required
  • Unique and attractive wood grain finish and chrome accents

Toledo Pinball Machine
Toledo Pinball Machine
Price: $1,699.99

1975 William's "Toledo" Dance with the stars every night with Toledo fun pinball for two players.
Nice music/dancing themed family friendly pinball fun.


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